Matching the Right Service to your Specific Need

Every organization has a different need when it comes to cybersecurity. Some companies may not have any cybersecurity staff while others may be fully staffed and just need one solution or service to make that team more efficient. Regardless of your situation, we have the right cybersecurity solution for you and all of our services can be custom tailored to your specific needs.

Seeing you Through Every Step of the Way

Even the simplest cybersecurity service relies on proper implementation and training to be considered a success. That is why we provide project planning, management and post-implementation training with every service we provide. In addition, we perform quarterly business reviews with our clients to ensure that they are getting the most out of their services.

Best-in-Class Expertise

Cyberuptive has a team of highly-experienced former CIO's CTO's, CISO's, Project Managers and System and Network Administrators who have worked in various industries including financial institutions, telecommunications, healthcare, legal, retail, insurance, construction, and federal, state and local government to name a few. This breadth of experience provides you access to a Best-in-Class team who has the know-how to make your cybersecurity project a success. We can be a fully outsourced Security Team or we can co-manage the deployment with you and your existing IT team.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

What is Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Why Do I Need it?

Managed Detection & Response, also known as MDR, is a cybersecurity service that adds incident response to the traditional Security Operations Center (SOC). Where the traditional SOC passes the responsibility of incident response back to the IT department, MDR actually responds and takes action on cybersecurity events that are identified by the SOC.

How can Cyberuptive help me with Managed Detection & Response?

Our managed detection and response services brings value to your SOC

Many SOC's only focus on known threats, which means as threats evolve, incidents can go undetected and unmitigated for months or even years, allowing attackers to get comfy within an environment and wreak havoc. To detect and respond to both known and unknown threats quickly and thoroughly, Our MDR team members combine their personal expertise with our leading incident detection.

Out of the great unknown

Great incident detection and response is more than what you know—it’s knowing what you don’t know too. Unlike other SOCs and managed security services, Managed Detection and Response incorporates four distinct methodologies to detect and validate threats before they’re reported with a nearly zero percent false positive rate:

  • Threat intelligence to automate threat detection and response.
  • User behavior analysis to detect insider threats and stolen credentials.
  • Attacker behavior analysis to automate decision-making.
  • Hunting methodology to identify unknown threats.

A security plan as unique as your organization

Your Managed Detection and Response team provides incident detection and response on applications, endpoints, and assets within your organization, including those in the cloud. What’s that look like for you? A Threat Assessment Manager works with your team for the first 30 days to understand your environment and make informed recommendations around identifying and assigning priorities. You will continue to meet with your Threat Assessment Manager monthly to ensure your plan is evolving with your needs. This initial 30 days combined with regular monitoring and hunting enables the team to detect and respond to threats quicker. And if we do find something, your team has a one-hour SLA for notifying you.

We’re ready to pivot, so you’re ready to respond

With Managed Detection and Response, you’re always prepared to deal with cyber threats. If there is an incident, such as a breach, the team is ready to pivot from detection to respond and act, and will work closely with you to create a remediation plan tailored to your organization.

Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing and Why Do I Need It?

Penetration testing is the testing of a company's network security by a cybersecurity professional. Generally, it involves authorized hacking attempts into a company's network. These tests are used to identify weaknesses in a company's cybersecurity posture and to make recommendations on preventing unauthorized hacks.

Many times, vulnerability scanning is mistaken for Penetration Testing. They are not the same. A vulnerability scan may be a small part of the Penetration Test but it is not the entire Penetration Test. In fact, vulnerability scans can be performed by anyone with a computer and basic computer skills while Penetration Testing is performed by a seasoned cybersecurity professional.

How can Cyberuptive help me with Penetration Testing?

Our Penetration Testing is custom-tailored to your environment and needs to assess specific aspects of your security program and the security posture of your critical systems, networks and applications.

Our penetration tests use intelligence gained from the frontlines of incident response to identify gaps in your network infrastructure and configuration that would allow an attacker to access your most critical assets.

Penetration tests offered by Cyberuptive are tailored to specific areas of your network, applications or product, and include:

  • Internal penetration test
  • External penetration test
  • Web application assessment
  • Mobile device/application assessment
  • Social engineering assessment
  • Wireless technology assessment

Security Consulting and Risk Management

In-depth security assessments close the gaps in overall risk management programs and follow industry best practices. With expertise across physical and digital security disciplines, Cyberuptive's team can provide clear and concise guidance for your organization.

Understanding Your Stance On Security help make security measurable and manageable for your organization.

  • Predict security threats: Proactively identify exposures throughout your environment and understand how they impact your organization
  • Validate critical vulnerabilities: Increase efficiency, pinpointing critical threats through penetration testing
  • Assess security controls: Test defense efficacy and make informed spending decisions based on risk to individual units within your organization
  • Analyze web application vulnerabilities: Reduce risk and minimize development spending by identifying exposures before go-live
  • Communicate risk clearly and effectively: Present risk analytics in the context of key assets, operational areas, compliance mandates, and business objectives
  • Scale security assessments: Expand scope, reach, and frequency without adding internal headcount
  • Retain a competitive edge: Understand what your investment in security “buys” you and how that compares with what your competitors spend
  • Plan for the future: Gain insight into meeting compliance requirements and long-term security management

Data Protection and Encryption

  • Some of the most valuable assets in your organization are customer data and proprietary information. Cyberuptive provides data protection technology and services to safeguard information on all computers, shared folders, removable media, and cloud assets.
  • Data Encryption is used to deter malicious or negligent parties from accessing sensitive data. An important line of defense in a cybersecurity architecture, encryption makes using intercepted data as difficult as possible.
  • Encryption is important because it allows you to securely protect data that you don't want anyone else to have access to. ... Espionage uses encryption to securely protect folder contents, which could contain emails, chat histories, tax information, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive information intercepted data as difficult as possible.

Business Continuity

  • Our managed web application firewall protects your online business, enhances customer satisfaction, and safeguards revenue. Online business operations are under a barrage of attacks around the clock—organizations are constantly being scanned, tested, and targeted by automated and human adversaries. Cyberuptive provides solutions that address web-born attacks such as “Denial of Service” and malicious code injection.
  • Business continuity is a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruption of operations. It details steps to be taken before, during and after an event to maintain the financial viability of an organization. Disaster recovery is a reactive plan for responding after an event.
  • Cyberuptive can help you with your Business Continuity Plan so you can avoid these risks.

Integrated Cybersecurity Solutions

While Intrusion Detection alone provides critical protection against threats in your network, it offers even better protection for your organization when paired with other solutions. NextGen Firewall Management helps prevent incidents from happening in the first place and Log Management provides visibility into your network through customized reporting and 24/7 monitoring. Utilizing Cyberuptive to manage all three integrated solutions will give you the peace of mind to know your information is secure.


  • Is your organization culturally prepared for the war in cyber?
  • Is your company leveraged in the Department of Defense (DoD) space?
  • Is working with the U.S. government something you desire?

Cyberuptive is here to assist in all your CMMC needs.

The cybersecurity domain and its inherent threats are ubiquitous; the U.S. government recognizes this massive attack surface and has begun setting he conditions for a successful war on cyber with the desired outcome of successfully protecting our countries intellectual property (IP). Beginning Fiscal Year (FY) 21 vendor’s who seek contracting opportunities within the government space will be required to achieve a level of cybersecurity compliance as directed by the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) process. Achieving a CMMC certification is securing your ability to compete in a pandemic proof, multi-billion-dollar space.

What is that piece of mind worth to you?

Cyberuptive’s goal is for you to succeed and be prosperous; to that end we seek to be your CMMC advocate and create a strategic path to certification. We take an agile approach at certifying our clients; our tailored options range from a-la-carte to wholistic depending on your needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a complimentary assessment of your current readiness level. We are standing by to assist!

Here’s where you will lose business. Without CMMC certification you will not be able to do ANY business with the government

Cyber criminals are targeting the supply chain and have destroyed entire businesses even with heightened security measures. In fact, their business is up over 650% through the pandemic. They are thorough, tricky and patient. Sometimes hiding in your environment for months before they strike.

The CMMC process requires three separate vendors to work together as an accessor, remediator & educator to ensure all touchpoints are secure. Here’s the kicker; as a supplier, your company needs to be at the same level as your most secure customer. Meaning if your customer is a level 5, your company too must be at the same level. At the minimum, your company must comply with over 130 controls by November 30th, 2020.

Where we can help.

Our partnership with HiTech Hui, gives you a one stop shop for you to get your controls in place to meet the fast approaching deadline. Together we can cover the two major components, assessment and remediation, of your CMMC certification all under the watchful eyes of the top experts in Cybersecurity today.

We too are in the CMMC process and are headed for the top level of security compliance available. Taking it a step further to offer a Secure Security Operations Center service to add an extra layer of defense against the bad guys.

Let us help to get you ahead of the curve. Call us today 833.92CYBER (833.922.9237) for a quick cybersecurity assessment. We are happy to help.