Intrusion Detection Solutions

Cyberuptive’s Intrusion Detection Solutions (IDS) keep your network secure from unauthorized traffic, leading to fewer cyber risks and greater peace of mind.

We give companies greater visibility across their networks, making it easier to meet security regulations. Additionally, businesses can use their IDS logs as part of the documentation to show they are meeting certain compliance requirements. Intrusion detection systems can also improve security response.

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IDS from Cyberuptive

Cyberuptive provides flexible, customizable solutions made to fit your specific business. Advanced Intrusion Detection Solutions from Cyberuptive can:

  • Detect threats to your most valuable data and communications.
  • Create the freedom to focus on your business by letting Cyberuptive handle any malicious traffic detected
  • Reduce the risk of employee exposure to new threats
  • Conduct threat intelligence analysis while monitoring internal network traffic to identify malicious activity.
  • Counter the latest threats with continually updated tools and procedures.

World-Class Intrusion Detection Solutions

Cyber attacks and data breaches can have crushing consequences for businesses. And threats are becoming ever more advanced and harder to detect. That’s why it’s vital not only to use security measures that reduce outside risks, but also to maintain consistent monitoring and detection systems that can alert you of internal risks and unauthorized users that may have already breached your system.

A study from IBM Cybersecurity found that it took an average of 206 days for organizations to identify a data breach after it occurred. That’s a lot of time for bad actors to spend in your systems, accessing your data.

Intrusion Detection Solutions from Cyberuptive provide the internal layer of security needed to identify attacks by constantly monitoring and alerting you of suspicious activity, significantly reducing your risk of undetected breaches.

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Cybersecurity from Every Angle

While Intrusion Detection alone provides critical protection against threats in your network, it offers even better protection for your organization when paired with other solutions. NextGen Firewall Management helps prevent incidents from happening in the first place, and Log Management provides visibility into your network through customized reporting and 24/7 monitoring.

Cyberuptive can provide you with cybersecurity that protects your business from every angle through a multi-layered approach. Partner with us today for top-of-the-line Intrusion Detection Solutions, NextGen Firewall Management, and Log Management for your business.

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