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Cyberuptive is America’s nationwide Security Operations Center (SOC), providing leading security operations and incident response services to businesses across the country.

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How a SOC Protects Your Business

A Security Operation Center, also known as a SOC, is a department dedicated to the ongoing monitoring and analysis of a company’s cybersecurity operations. This includes the detection, analysis, and response to cybersecurity events using a combination of automated tools and technical expertise.

A SOC is typically staffed with dedicated cybersecurity analysts, engineers and managers. The SOC team generally works in partnership with internal IT staff to ensure that any identified cybersecurity issues are dealt with quickly and according to established company policy.

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Cyberuptive’s Advanced Security Operations Center

As an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider), Cyberuptive has adapted to assess, recommend, and manage security solutions in the digital domain. Our expertly trained security analysts and engineers are available 24/7 as an extension of your IT team to manage solutions and recommend strategies regarding threats to your network, its users, and their information.

Our team is made up of certified security experts with collective managerial and technical experience who have worked within the United States Department of Defense and the intelligence community. We offer advanced security solutions including highly secure facilities featuring video surveillance and redundant fiber-optic Internet connectivity as well as battery and diesel redundant power.

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SOC Monitoring and Detection

Services from Cyberuptive

Our advanced SOC services take a proactive, multi-layered approach to your security and monitoring, giving you services including: 

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Benefits of Using a Security Operation Center

Small, medium, and even some enterprise organizations may not have the budget or expertise to build their own internal SOC. Cyberuptive’s managed SOC solution can provide a virtual SOC that is quick to implement at a fraction of the cost that it would take for a company to build their own SOC infrastructure and staff it.

Our managed SOC will ingest and analyze logs from your security and network devices. If they trigger an alert, our SOC will immediately notify your internal IT team and recommend the appropriate response. In addition to SOC services, Cyberuptive also provides Managed Detection & Response services to respond to any events should our clients have limited technical resources to do so.

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Some of the main benefits of a SOC are:

  • Reduced cyber risk
  • Defense against emerging threats
  • Rapid response & recovery
  • Advanced compliance solutions
  • Round-the-clock security monitoring
  • Cost-effective solutions for world-class security
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Working with a managed SOC provider gives you a cost-effective solution for advanced security. Our cybersecurity experts are ready to assist you with getting your business fully secure and compliant.

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