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Take your security to the next level with our additional solutions. From intrusion detection to antivirus, our security solutions are selected to give you maximum protection all around.

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Hand-picked, Fully-vetted Solutions

Cyberuptive believes in operational cybersecurity, where the solutions are tested and re-tested by us to ensure that they are a good fit for multiple environments. The solutions that we recommend, support and endorse have been tested, and vetted by our teams and we have tons of customers that can verify that the solutions that we design with them are the best fit for their companies not just today but for years to come.

There are so many good products and solutions out there we know it’s hard to pick the best product for your company. When selecting the solutions we recommend, we don’t pay attention to all the marketing hype, and the vendor-sponsored reports on the internet about how good products are. We take the approach of helping you “Test, Test, Test” the products before buying so you can feel confident that you made a good decision.

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Seeing you through every step of the way

We don’t just sell products; we will offer to work with you on the planning, implementation and ongoing support of the solutions you purchase. Too many times we hear of companies buying amazing security tools that end up sitting on the shelf until someone gets around to working with it.

We also believe that what is good today might not be good tomorrow, as the security industry is ever changing with the varying types of threats. So enabling you and your team to be able to swap in and out technology with as minimal of impact as possible to your workforce is important to us.

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Best-in-Class Expertise

Cyberuptive has a team of highly-experienced former CIO’s CTO’s, CISO’s, Project Managers and System and Network Administrators who have worked in various industries including financial institutions, telecommunications, healthcare, legal, retail, insurance, construction, non-profit and federal, state and local government to name a few. This breadth of experience provides you access to a Best-in-Class team who has the know-how to make your cybersecurity project a success.

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