The Power of Pen Testing

Penetration testing is the testing of a company’s network security by a dedicated cybersecurity professional. Generally, it involves authorized hacking attempts into a company’s network as the tester attempts to follow the steps a cyber criminal would, simulating how an attack might happen by simulating an actual security event.

These tests are used to identify weaknesses in a company’s cybersecurity posture and to make recommendations on measures to eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent unauthorized hacks.

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Does Your Business Need a Pen Test?

Penetration testing is designed to provide the most thorough security assessment possible without actually being attacked by a cyber criminal. Businesses of all sizes are under increasing attack from phishing scams, ransomware, and other evolving threats, so if you haven’t had a thorough security evaluation recently, it’s a good idea to review all your security systems through a pen test.

Still not sure whether you need penetration testing?

Here are some questions that can help:


How prepared would you be if your business suffered a dedicated cyber attack today?


Do your employees know how to recognize phishing attempts and other security best practices?


Is every device used by your employees for work-related tasks sufficiently secure?


If you work in a regulated industry, are you confident that all of your processes, devices, and data storage meet compliance requirements?


Have you had a pen test within the last year, or since your last cybersecurity event?

If you’re not 100% confident in any of these answers, it’s time for a pen test!

Do You Need a Vulnerability Scan or Penetration Testing?

Many times, vulnerability scanning is mistaken for penetration testing, but they are not the same. A vulnerability scan may make up a small part of the penetration test, but it does not comprise the entire event. In fact, vulnerability scans can be performed by anyone with a computer and basic computer skills, while penetration testing is performed by a seasoned cybersecurity professional trained to thoroughly test your systems and detect potential weaknesses.

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Penetration Testing from Cyberuptive

Our penetration testing is custom-tailored to your environment and needs to assess specific aspects of your security program and the security posture of your critical systems, networks and applications.

Our penetration tests use intelligence gained from the frontlines of incident response to identify gaps in your network infrastructure and configuration that would allow an attacker to access your most critical assets.

Penetration tests offered by Cyberuptive are tailored to specific areas of your network, applications or product, and include:

  • Internal penetration test
  • External penetration test
  • Web application assessment
  • Mobile device/application assessment
  • Social engineering assessment
  • Wireless technology assessment

Work with Cyberuptive for Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Our expert cybersecurity specialists can perform a pen test that gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of your security weaknesses and an action plan to fix them. We also provide managed security services to protect every part of your business’s processes, data, and infrastructure. Contact us today to get a pen test and to learn more about cybersecurity through Cyberuptive!

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